Hearn, Ngannou, Whyte and the dream of the boxing / UFC duel

Conor McGregor’s move to boxing in 2017 opened a door that has yet to be exploited. Business in both sports is growing and options are opening up. For instance, ex-UFC Ben Askren will put on gloves to meet youtuber, and professional boxer, Jake Paul next week. The options are multiple and Eddie Hearn, the greatest promoter in the noble art at this time, has given rise to debate and buzz among fans. The Englishman was questioned about the possibility that Francis Ngannou, UFC heavyweight champion, faces against Anthony Joshua, WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight monarch, does not rule it out, although he sees a more feasible way.

AJ wants to be the best, but he also wants to do different things. Once he achieves his goals (his two fights against Fury), then it could be. I love Ngannou and we almost had a press conference against Dillian Whyte (interim WBC world champion), but the UFC stopped it. We still have that recording, hopefully one day it can be seen. I would love to see that double showdown. Ngannou vs Whyte. First in the cage and another outside of it. Same with Katie Taylor vs Amanda NunesHearn noted on SiriusXM.

As the promoter details, the option is not the first time it has been rumored. Ngannou started boxing and one of his dreams has always been to be able to play a world championship in that discipline.. For its part, Whyte practiced jove kickboxingn, which could speed up an eventual transition (the main problem would be the clinch and the ground). At the moment they are just words, but when Hearn wants something you can never say that it is impossible. Difficult, yes, but in contact sports anything can happen if there is enough money. Tell Mayweather and McGregor.