Parents : discover how to protect your children from coronavirus as schools are reopening !

Since the emergence of COVID-19, children have not been left out from contracting the virus, although the infection among children is lower than among adults.

Currently, statistics indicate that children experience a lighter form of the disease than adults. The new virus has been scaring parents and has kept them on the edge but thankfully, cases of infections among children are relatively low.


Despite the challenges faced with this virus, schools are gradually opening their doors and welcoming children back. But parents have only one question on their minds; “how do I keep my child safe from the coronavirus?” Read on to find out more.

Sure Ways Parents can use to Prevent Coronavirus as schools reopen

Make Hands Wash Fun

Make Hands Wash Fun

It is actually very easy to teach your kids how to wash their hands properly with soap and water; an effective method of keeping them safe from the virus. The easiest way to achieve this is to make the seemingly difficult task, fun and enjoyable at all times. It is quite simple. An idea that has proven efficient is motivating them to sing their favorite song while they wash their hands. As a consequence, they will properly and thoroughly wash their hands.

Set an Example

That which you might not have paid more attention to might eventually turn out to go a long way for you. Kids naturally learn from people around them. Keeping a regular proper hygiene around your child would save you from having to go the extra mile to ensure they adhere to guidelines like washing of hands. Covering their mouth with their elbows or tissue (and properly disposing the tissue after use) when they cough or sneeze and also, staying away from people who cough or sneeze. They are more likely to learn from your actions than your words.

Assess Their Sense of Taste and Smell

Anosmia has been recently added to the COVID-19 list of symptoms. Recent intelligence has proven that losing your sense of smell or taste is a faster way to detect the infection of COVID-19; even faster than fever. Observing your child for changes in the sense of taste and smell may be an effective and convenient way to monitor the virus especially in its early stages. You can test this during meal times; asking the child to describe the smell and taste of their food.

Assess Their Sense

Other Ideas on how to protect your Kids from coronavirus

Track their symptoms

Parents are advised to assess their kids’ health status when they return from school to swiftly act appropriately in case of infection. As a parent you should also keep a keen eye for other signs of infection including change in bodily temperature and the new dry coughing.

Encourage Them to Play Outside When It Is Safe To

For many kids, returning to school may seem like starting afresh especially after a very long time away from school; not just from school, but also months of not interacting with other kids. This would even be more difficult if they are not allowed to socialize in school.

Play Outside
Source : Pixabay

All thanks to the social distancing measures, the spread of the virus has been limited to some extent. However, these measures have had adverse effects on some kids. Playing is a medium for kids to regulate their emotions and develop important social skills. So it is advised to allow them to play outside with kids, but their circle should be limited or regulated to maintain the spread of the virus.

Give Them a Listening Ear

Children are often worried about what goes on in their surroundings and environments and are sometimes troubled by such events. They would meet other children that may have been exposed to some information inappropriate for kids, or they might be aware of something someone did that they weren’t supposed to. It is important to ensure that your kids are confident to approach you on issues that trouble them or questions they don’t have answers to. It might save their lives!

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