MEXICO – They launched balloons into the sky and applauded to honor her, because even at the last moment she gave her life for her patients.

Olivia was a nurse and she was infected with COVID-19 as it has happened to thousands of workers in the health sector in this country.

“Here we have the accumulated cases, there are 32,388”, explained José Luis Alomía, director of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Health.

The agency reports that since the pandemic began, almost 400 employees have lost their lives while carrying out their work; 71% were men.

For this reason, whenever someone has a suspicion, says the doctor Miguel Rojas, who survived the coronavirus, fear seizes them.

“It is uncertainty because you can feel sure that it is a mild condition; however, you are expecting that your state of health may deteriorate,” says Rojas.

Health workers transmit messages from family members to their patients.

Nurse Lidia Rubio also lived through this nightmare.

“For me, the worst process of the disease is emotional damage and, later, physical damage, because all the uncertainty comes to you to know how my daughters, my family are; what am I going to do to pay the bills, I’m going out, I’m going to get worse, I’m going to use oxygen, “says Rubio.

They treated her and her partner and isolated them, but then the worst came when they were back to work healthy.

“Everyone points to you, they see you as a weirdo, I went back to work and everyone doesn’t come near me, put on your face mask, you are going to infect us,” recalls Rubio.

Given the danger that this pandemic represents among health sector personnel, many employees decide to move away from their families and homes, and stay in places like a hotel where they receive them.

Because the emergency is not yet over, and despite the care they may have, it is expected that the number of infections in this sector will continue to increase.