The Ministry of Health continues to underestimate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The last official balance includes 28,324 deaths, 21 in the last week.

The count that OKDIARIO offers every day, adding the total figures of the Community of Madrid and Catalonia, which Health does not count, brings the number of deaths to 41,843.

In the Madrid’s community A total of 15,084 deaths have been reported, two more in the last 24 hours. In Catalonia, the total number of deaths by Covid-19 is 12,517, after notifying three new deaths in the last day.

125 new cases

On the other hand, Health reports 125 infections compared to the previous day, up to a total of 246,504 confirmed cases.

Last Friday, Health updated the death toll from the pandemic, up to 28,313. The Ministry had kept the figure frozen for twelve days, alleging the update of the autonomous communities.

However, that number is less than the 28,752 that the Government officially admitted on May 24, the day on which nearly 2,000 deaths were erased from the statistics.

The director of the Coordination Center for Alerts and Health Emergencies (CCAES), Fernando Simón, admitted last Friday that there may be some 13,000 more that are not confirmed.

“We know that there is a somewhat greater excess of deaths, there are another 12,000 or 13,000 more cases than expected that may have died, but of these there is no confirmation that it was due to coronavirus. Many will have been, others will have been for other reasons, but in principle the number of deaths that the diagnosis can be confirmed is 28,213, ”explained the technical spokesperson for Health.

On the other hand, the Government continues without offering data on the deaths in residences.

In April, the Ministry asked the autonomous communities for the data on the deaths of these centers, for which they had until the 8th of that month. On the 17th, Salvador Illa assured at a press conference that his department already had the figures and that they would be communicated «as soon as possible». The Health Minister justified as a cause of the delay that the data was “being analyzed by expert technicians”. Two months later, the Ministry continues without revealing the figure, essential to know the true magnitude of the pandemic.

Health sources have explained to OKDIARIO that “the data has been requested from the autonomous communities and when all of them are available and have been analyzed they will be disclosed.” A statement that contrasts with what Illa said weeks ago.

Excess mortality

The data continues to underestimate the reality of the pandemic. On May 27, an update of the Daily Mortality Surveillance System (MoMo), managed since 2004 by the National Center for Epidemiology of the Carlos III Health Institute, revealed an excess of the number of deaths in Spain, between March 13 and May 22, of more than 43,000 people. The MoMo, whose data comes from civil registries, thus discovered that 120,851 people had died at critical moments of the pandemic, compared to the 77,817 expected for that period. The excess, although it does not break down the causes of mortality, would come largely from the coronavirus. These data coincide with those also provided by the funeral sector.

A report known on June 1 – and which, as OKDIARIO recounted, was sent to the King – put the number of deaths from the pandemic at 43,985, from March 14 to May 25. The amount reflects the dead in residences and homes individuals, in addition to the deaths with suspicion of coronavirus. Also the National Institute of Statistics (INE) moves in those numbers. According to their data, the pandemic has caused 48,000 more deaths since the beginning of March than in previous years.

Until May 24, 143,204 people died in Spain, well above last year. Specifically, an average of 47,998 more deaths. Although it is indicated that the data “reflect mortality without distinguishing causes” and “the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic cannot be accurately measured”, the agency does acknowledge that “a considerable increase in the number of deaths is observed in Spain ».

A new document from the World Health Organization (WHO) also establishes that when a disease is identified that can explain the death of a patient due to Covid-19 will have to be discarded as deceased by the coronavirus. Likewise, it also collects that if there is a suspicious death in a person who does not have a disease that explains the death, it must be classified as death by Covid-19, despite the fact that a diagnostic test has not been performed, which leaves in evidence the Government’s calculation, which only includes the cases confirmed by PCR. The number had been frozen until today with 27,136 deaths.