Health recognizes that the coronavirus arrived in Spain a month before the official date

Until now, the first official case of coronavirus in Spain dated from January 31, when a german tourist came on vacation to La Gomera being infected. He had contracted COVID-19 from a chain infection that began with a Chinese citizen of Shanghai that he had made a short business trip to his company’s office in Germany.

However, the latest data from the Ministry of Health reveal that on January 1, cases were already registered in our country. Just a day after China notified the World Health Organization of an outbreak of pneumonia of unknown origin in the city of Wuhan. Specifically, on the first day of 2020 there was at least seven people in Spain with coronavirus, five of them hospitalized in various communities: Madrid, Andalusia, Catalonia, Valencian Community Y Galicia. And during the first weeks more cases appeared.

The updated document with the evolution by autonomous communities that the Ministry of Health has begun to attach this week to its daily situation report reveals that in the first two weeks of January, there were 110 people admitted with coronavirus, in addition to 3 other infected. For his part, there were no deaths.

There were no tests to detect the cases

Fernando Simón himself acknowledged on November 10 that in January there were already cases of coronavirus in Spain and that they were not diagnosed because there were no tests to detect the virus. “There were some cases that had symptoms in January, but they weren’t diagnosed until much later, because there was no evidence on January 1 anywhere in the world. Once the diagnostic kits were had, the doctors who had treated them, with a strange and atypical pneumonia picture, they were diagnosed a posteriori”Said the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies of the Ministry of Health.

However, Simón downplayed this information because it was something that had already been known for months: “There is nothing strangeWhen doctors are not able to make an etiological diagnosis, if the availability of a diagnostic kit suddenly appears and they have samples available from these patients, whether or not they have died, then these tests should be carried out. It is what was done in June and the data is there since June”.

It should be remembered that on June 11, when the balance made by the National Epidemiological Surveillance Network (Renave) also suggested that there had been cases since January 1, Simón asked “be careful with interpretations “. In addition, he assured that it was too early to know if it was an “error” and that they were trying to verify the data. In fact, he pointed out that “regarding the data from January 1, the truth is that some cases from 2019 also appear in the database, indeed, There is also a case of 11 of 11 of 1111”.