Health communicates a new minimum of cases since summer, with 3,504

Spain once again marks its minimum number of cases notified in one day since summer, with 3,504. In addition, Health has notified 73 deaths and a new decrease of two points in the incidence of the coronavirus, which is already at 113.

The positives in the last 24 hours, 1,859, bring the total of confirmed diagnoses since the beginning of the pandemic to 3,711,027. No community has more than 500 since yesterday.

In the previous seven days, the balance of victims from covid amounted to 112, with Madrid (23) and Andalusia (22) with the highest absolute figures. The global number of deaths recognized by the Government is 80,309, with a fatality of 2.2% with respect to all cases.

The sustained decrease in incidence throughout the country maintains La Rioja as the only area above 200 cases at 14 days (212.87), followed by Andalusia (188) and the Basque Country (181). There are still ten points below 100, as in recent days.

A double record Monday (for good)

This Monday was the best weekend in epidemiological terms, with the lowest number of cases and deaths (9,536 and 40, respectively) in many months, and in vaccination issues, breaking a national record with 1.25 million doses since Friday.

Since the immunization campaign began, more than 20 million inhabitants have already received at least one serum, 42.3% of the population, while 11.2 million (23.7%) have completed the guideline.

After the National Court agreed with Ayuso with his appeal against the Health plan, the ministry has launched another proposal for hotels and nightlife, much more lax than the one approved last Wednesday.


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