Head & Shoulders, Pantene and Dove have a new enemy: Zara

The retail market has become increasingly consolidated, due to brands such as Zara, which launch categories that have no waste.

The personal hygiene market has been consolidated by the great opening it has achieved in increasingly complete areas.

Zara is a brand that has been consolidating itself more and more, thanks to the flexibility of its brand.

Zara shows that it has a brand tremendously flexible, after announcing that it will debut products in the shampoo category, which has become a unique benchmark for various brands that have made their brand more flexible to this category.

The best example of this we saw with Martha debayle, whose personal brand became a benchmark when it announced its arrival in the shampoo and conditioner market.



The personal hygiene market

The personal hygiene market is one with tremendous potential and that never disappoints, since it is about products that the consumer acquires permanently, so although the purchase potential is great, the competition is proportional.

An element that we cannot lose sight of in the personal hygiene market is the demand for products that increasingly respond to new habits and lifestyles, which are undoubtedly a benchmark in the market.

High-value categories in the market

The categories of great value that we have seen in the market are diverse, some of them have stood out for offering the consumer a unique opportunity to experience services that have been relevant, due to the innovation that these products have achieved.

An excellent example of adaptation to these new elements has to do with the proposal that Walmart launched at the time, to sell its own clothing line called Free Assembly, after realizing that consumers in confinement increased the purchase of clothing through their website.

Innovate with value propositions

Innovation in the retail market has put brands in an interesting study position. On the one hand they are innovating in their categories in which they stand out, such as Apple, which has been launching new smartphones and computers in the hardware category in which it has stood out for years and on the other it has innovated by premiering in segments such as streaming, which undoubtedly establishes a key benchmark for this brand, which has increasingly committed to innovation.

As expected, brand flexibility is increasingly being patented as a unique benchmark of great value in the market and in this sense it has been possible to identify elements that help us create valuable brands.

Bet on brand flexibility

The commitment to the flexibility of a brand leads many of these firms to debut in categories that years ago were difficult to discover.

An excellent example of this is Apple, whose brand was extended to the streaming market with a service called Apple One, which has become a key reference in the market.

As expected, an element that we must not lose sight of today is the opportunity that brands have found to be able to innovate and this innovation is undoubtedly a unique bet today, that they have been able to design strategies for market value.

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