The use of mask covers became a mandatory measure in Mexico City since last April 27, when the capital authorities indicated that citizens should use this instrument when leaving home. With this, various supermarkets such as Superama began to deny entry to all those customers who will wear a mask when visiting their establishments.

Initially, the challenge for shopping centers was to evangelize consumers about the need to abide by this condition; however, over time, the use of copper mouthpieces became the norm.

Shopping without a mask

However, during the night of this Friday, the Superama brand became a trend after Luisa María Alcalde Luján, head of the Secretary of Labor and Social Security, was recruited in one of its branches located south of CDMX, carrying out various purchases without following the measures dictated by the federal and health authorities.

The events occurred in the Superama located on Pedro Romero de Terreros street, in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office, where security guards regularly require all customers to enter wearing face masks and keep it on while they shop, Otherwise, staff requests visitors to leave the site.

Even with this, a video in which Luisa Maria Alcalde appears within the aforementioned premises, speaking on the phone, buying wine and fried foods without using face masks, began to spread on social networks and various media.

According to the available information, store personnel asked the official to cover her nose and mouth; However, the response of the AMLO cabinet member was to smile, pretend to put it on, and continue her appeal in the store.

Irresponsibility and lack of coherence

The fact was repudiated by users of social networks, who through the label “Superama” echoed the fact, calling the attitude of Mayor Luján hypocritical, irresponsible and incongruous.

Thus, at the close of this note, “Superama” is ranked as the number one trend with more than 6,656 related tweets, where criticism is the type of comments that guides the conversation.

In the midst of these criticisms, it is worth mentioning that on May 11, after her participation during the morning conference in the National Palace, Luisa María Alcalde published a forceful message on her social networks: “If we all comply, the sooner we can overcome this situation.”

Details of this nature are what, in principle, make or lose credibility in the discourse and, in a second moment, improve the confidence indexes that in the field of political marketing is an extremely important indicator that must always be kept up to date. rise.

The issue is particularly important if we consider that, according to the 2019 Confidence Barometer signed by Edelman, the government is the figure in which Mexicans least trust (34 percent). Entities such as companies (71 percent), NGOs (72 percent), and employers (82 percent) take credit among the citizens in credibility terms on the ways to solve the problems that plague society.

Modifying this perspective will be vital to strengthen the image of government, especially in a time of crisis where uncertainty reigns.