“He would show a lot of his butt and swear” – Six Flags explained why they kicked a young mom out of the park

The young mother was accompanied by her daughter and her partner and they witnessed this terrible moment / Credit: Courtesy

Photo: FB Bailey Breedlove / Courtesy

After the viralization of a video in which security guards from Frontier City Park in Six Flags of Oklahoma City A young mother was expelled for the way she dressed, the company responded to criticism.

Six Flags assured that the decision to cast Bailey Breedlove of the park was more for his behavior against the cops than for his shorts.

Remember that the autistic mother of a teenage girl accused harassment because her shorts were “too small.”

The young woman said that a police officer in the park yelled at her daughter for using skates in an inappropriate area. That same officer “took her by the arm” and told her that her shorts were too short.

“I did not commit any crime and I went with my boyfriend, because I am autistic and I have difficulties speaking with police,” he explained. “The police kept yelling at me and calling for reinforcements.”

“Then an extremely incompetent manager showed up and started harassing me about my body. They told me I had to go buy some shorts, but I’m not obliged to buy something I don’t want “he added.

“She was escorted to the exit. When I was going to leave, the officer crossed my path and demanded my identification. When I asked her why, she just said that ‘she was the police.’

The young woman recorded everything that happened to record the illegal tactics in the park against visitors.

The woman had multiple opportunities to cover or change, and according to Six Flags there was no other way than to get her off the property for her offensive behavior with officers and other visitors.

Six Flags said in a statement to Star-Telegram that the woman’s clothing was not appropriate for the family environment of the park. Neither is his behavior.

According to the company, the video that Breedlove shared on his Facebook account does not fully show the facts.

“His behavior was offensive, he used abusive and rude language, as well as explicit signs that cannot be tolerated, that’s why he was kicked out of the park”they explained.

The company said the woman was initially detained because her shorts revealed a large part of her buttocks.

“She had multiple opportunities to cover up or change, but she didn’t want to. Instead he responded with rudeness and offensive behavior, including showing off his butt. “they added.

“The woman was expelled from the park after she refused to stop her rebellious and offensive behavior against the police and other park guests.”

Frontier City Water Park allows visitors to wear appropriate bathing suits, but ask to change into regular clothing to return to the main park.

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