he will not play again in 2020 nor will he travel to Spain as a precaution

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Jon rahm will not compete in this 2020. Nor will you travel to Spain In Christmas. The Basque will spend the next weeks and months in the United States with his wife Kelley. A difficult decision but, as announced by the highest representative of the national golf, is due to the fact that the marriage she is expecting her first child. Given the health situation that exists in both countries due to Covid, it has decided to reduce the contagion options as much as possible.

Rahm has confirmed it on the blog of the Basque Federation golf, where he usually analyzes his performances in different tournaments and where his sport is the common topic of conversation. However, this time he had to vary the narrative slightly to explain the decision made in the first person. Difficult, but the most necessary according to his words.

“Kelley are 20 weeks pregnant“, the golfer revealed.” Obviously, those closest to him know it, but for the rest we have preferred to take it in a more reserved way. “This is” one of the reasons “why Rahm has decided not to leave the United States.”I will not play any more tournaments“, he stressed, despite the fact that it hurts” a lot not to be able to defend the title in the DP World Tour Championship. “

Jon Rahm, at the US Open de Golf 2020 EFE

The championship was scheduled for December 13. Just a few weeks before, the Basque golfer resigned from his participation and from defending the title he won last year in Dubai. He had previously achieved it in 2017, but there will not be a third time after his temporary paternity goodbye. According to Rahm, it is time “to be cautious and smart“.

In addition to not playing “any more tournaments until 2021”, the golfer will not return to Spain this holidays because he does not want to “put at risk“Not to his family settled in Bilbao, nor to his wife when he returns from Spain to the United States.” I assure you that it is a difficult decision“, has remarked, but yes” the most responsible “.

Next resignation

Therefore, his participation in the last Augusta Masters held between November 12 and 15, and in which Rahm was close to fighting for the great title, will be his last official participation in 2020.

One of the curiosities that the golfer himself has recalled is that, according to the calculations that his wife and he carry, the delivery could occur around April 12. Date that is very close to Augusta Masters, scheduled to be played between 5 and 11 of that month. Should the arrival of her first baby come early, Rahm might have to forgo one of the more valuable tournaments as well.

“Do not hesitate, if the delivery is early or whatever coincides with the tournament, I will catch a plane and be with her,” he stated on the Federation’s blog. “If caught in the middle of the Masters, bad luck“His wife and Rahm have decided to make it” completely natural “and will neither induce labor nor choose a date.

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