“He will go to jail the same times as class”

The acquittal of Cristina Cifuentes has become one of the most talked about issues on television in the last week. Media faces such as Risto Mejide or Jesús Cintora have spoken about the end of the so-called « Master’s case », with more positive and more critical opinions. On this occasion, it has been Andreu Buenafuente the last to comment on the issue, making more than one ironic comment in ‘Late Motiv’.

Buenafuente ironizes with the acquittal of Cristina Cifuentes

The presenter began the program with his usual opening monologue. During it, Buenafuente reported on the acquittal of Cifuentes: « They have acquitted her and she has free time. So, she is going to go to jail the same times as to class »he said, drawing applause from the audience. « This subject of Cifuentes surprises me because they have condemned her advisor for falsifying the master’s degree, but there was no proof that she knew it. Give this thought … « There is a person who goes to teal to get a master’s degree to another. It was just a gift from the invisible friend », ironized before new laughs on set.

The monologue continued with new jokes from Buenafuente about the case in which he imitated an alleged conversation between Cifuentes and his adviser. « Look, Cristina, the master’s degree … », to which, imitating the former politician, she replied: « Me? But if I hadn’t asked you! You would have told me creams, then maybe yes, but a master’s degree … »said the presenter. « Well I’ll keep it, I keep it, so as not to make an ugly « , ended the presenter in his imitation of the former collaborator of ‘Everything is a lie’.

The defense of Mejide to Cifuentes

One of the television faces that has spoken with the greatest determination about the acquittal of Cifuentes has been Risto Mejide. The presenter of ‘Everything is a lie’ surprised the networks by safely defending the former politician, personal friend of the publicist. The networks charged him, accusing him of defending her because Cifuentes would have rescued his advertising company in 2015. In the last broadcast of his program, Mejide made fun of the criticism.