He went to the bathroom and felt a strong bite; never imagined what he would find in the toilet

One of the favorite places of many in their home is bathroom, since it is the place where you can have 100% privacy. There are those who consider it as a safe room, where you can find the peace you need.

However, this is not always the case, since The toilet could do you a dirty trick.

That was what happened to a man from Gelang Patah, Malaysia, who had to ask the fire brigade for help after going to the bathroom and feeling a lot of pain in his butt after sitting on the toilet.

Upon arriving at the house and checking the bathroom, the firefighters found inside the toilet, nothing more and nothing less than a large 10 foot long snake, which had bitten the man.

“The python was successfully captured using a snake stick and was later released. The snakes usually come out during this hot season to look for cool and humid places ”, explained the chief of the fire brigade Khairi Zainudin.

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