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Marcelo Gallardo, a successful River Plate coach who earned the respect of the soccer world for his enormous ability to lead the club and win titles, broke the silence in the middle of the quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic and asked for a protocol for the return of Argentine football.

“We all put the health and life of people ahead. Soccer is an important activity at a social and cultural level but not essential. But from there to do nothing and stand idly by and debate possibilities seems too much to me ”, shot the « Doll » on Radio La Red, wondering why in the provinces that have relaxed the quarantine, soccer players cannot train.

In the same medium he decided to answer Jorge « Patrón » Bermúdez, historical Boca Juniors player who today works at the club as a member of the Football Council.

« If he asked to return to training, you have to respect him, he will have his reasons. I say that you first have to sit down, talk, diagram the necessary protocols. It is not to return to training and then speak. Before finishing this tournament, it was the coach who said he was not playing. We were all in the same activity. There is no one more important than another. You have to talk about the C, D teams, give everyone minimum security conditions to retrain. It is not to retrain and then think about the safety of the worker, I do not agree there, « replied the Colombian.

« The Government has to help and AFA has to guarantee. That is to act seriously and with judgment. Then, play behind closed doors, that there are the minimum conditions necessary to be calm, the necessary diagnoses and tests. It is the minimum that they should be thinking « he finished. What side are you on?