The spokesman for the Joint Task Force (FTC), Lieutenant Colonel Luis Apesteguía, said that the work they have been carrying out caused the young Adelio Mendoza to be released this Monday.

“He was released by the pressure of the work we are doing. The operations continue, ”Lieutenant Colonel Luis Apesteguía, spokesman for the Joint Task Force (FTC), commented at a press conference.

He indicated that he cannot provide further details of the operations, but assured that the search continues for the former vice president of the Republic, Óscar Denis, who was kidnapped along with Adelio Mendoza.

Regarding Mendoza’s health, Lieutenant Colonel Apesteguía indicated that he is out of danger and in good condition. Studies will be done for a better evaluation.

He also said that when he is in a position to speak, he will be consulted on information from former Vice President Denis.

The vaccine against COVID-19 developed by Russia, like the others that are being manufactured in the world, is one of the options that generate hope to face the pandemic. The question that many are asking is, will Paraguay be able to access it, if given the opportunity?

In an interview with the GEN channel, the president of the Paraguayan Society of Pneumology, Dr. José Fusillo, was consulted about the progress of vaccines against the new coronavirus and pointed out that there is good information about the vaccine produced by Russia.

In this case, he referred to recent studies published in specialized journals on the vaccine called Sputnik V. A report released days ago by The Lancet indicates that it has not caused adverse incidents and generates antibodies.

« Any of those that are in process here will be useful, » said Fusillo, implying that any of the vaccines against COVID-19 that are ever developed in the world, be it in Russia, the US or any other another country, will be effective in countering the virus.

Likewise, he indicated that vaccines are not going to eradicate the disease, considering that, in these kinds of situations, there is talk of 50% effectiveness. It is likely that the symptoms will be much milder, as with influenza, he said.

It should be remembered that Paraguay has already ensured obtaining the long-awaited vaccine against COVID-19 thanks to an agreement signed between the Ministry of Health and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). Specifically, our country would be receiving the one manufactured by the University of Oxford and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

Adelio Mendoza, the young indigenous man who was released today, appeared at Oscar Denis’s ranch by his own means. What he says will be fundamental, said Euclides Acevedo.

« For now we are monitoring his health and it is being contained, » he mentioned to Channel 13, while stating that « it will be essential when he can speak. »

Adelio Mendoza was released today and appeared at the La Tranquerita ranch. Acevedo said that « when he is free of family emotions we will see if he brought a message. »

« So far we have no information about the whereabouts of Oscar Denis, but Adelio in that sense is a key piece, » he said.

Regarding the drugs that were brought to the agreed place, he said that « they were not withdrawn » and that they continue in the place where their relatives deposited.

The young Adelio Mendoza was released this Monday, after several days of being in the hands of the criminal group, the Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP). His wife, Leticia Valiente, told how it was the moment when she found out the news.

Leticia Valiente, very emotional, indicated that it was her father who told her the news about the release of her husband, Adelio Mendoza, in the area of ​​the Tranquerita ranch, in the town of Yby Yaú (Concepción).

She indicated in conversation with ABC that she is currently on her way to the aforementioned ranch to meet her husband.

Adelio Mendoza appeared this Monday in the room that belongs to the former vice president of the Republic, Óscar Denis, who so far is still in cautery by the Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP).

Adelio’s liberation comes after the incursions carried out by members of the Pãi Tavyterã community, in the mountains in search of the young Mendoza.

The authorities trust that Mendoza can provide information on the situation of former vice president Denis.

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