He was only 14 years old, he lost his life star of the show Master Chef Junior

He was only 14 years old, star of the show Master Chef Junior (INSTAGRAM) loses his life

He was only 14 years old, star of the show Master Chef Junior loses his life | INSTAGRAM

Little Ben Walkins, who boasted of being one of the renowned stars of the television show “MasterChef Junior” for the FOX channel, unfortunately lost his life at the young age of 14, after suffering a heart attack while fighting a battle. against cancer, just three years after losing his parents in a notorious case of terrible crime.

Although, he was still a child, he had already suffered from some strong situations, very heartbreaking, because, just about three years ago, the young man unfortunately lost his parents after a horrible and mediatic case of a3s1n @ to – su1c1di0, a very unfortunate episode for poor Ben, which was well documented in the territory American.

Also, just a few days before my 13th birthday, last year, Walkins he was diagnosed with angiomatoid fibrous histiocytoma, in other words, an extremely rare soft tissue tumor, which occurs only in a very small number of children and a few young adults.

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Faced with the misfortune, the child’s guardian gave a statement to important US media, which followed the case and the state of health of the famous young man: “Our Ben went home to be with his mother this afternoon after a year-long battle and means against cancer, “Donna and Anthony Edwards, the boy’s maternal grandmother and uncle, said in the statement.

It is worth mentioning that, being such a strange disease, the costs of Ben’s treatments were increasingly high, so family and friends of the boy decided to create a foundation page where people could make a donation to help pay for the medical treatment.

Likewise, the text mentioned how turbulent the young man’s life was at his young age, “Ben suffered more than his share in his fourteen years on this Earth, but it consoles us that his suffering finally ended and that, in the end, Ben knew that many in the entertainment medium and viewers loved him, ”the family said.

Additionally, the organizer of the GoFundMe fundraising campaign and the family’s attorney, said in a statement that Ben was an inspiration: “I have seen humanity and goodness up close with the outpouring of love and support that Ben has brought. received during the last three years ”.

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It should be noted that it was in September 2017, when Ben’s father, Michael Watkins, shot and stripped his wife, Leila Edwards, of his life before taking his own life in Gary, Indiana, according to a well-known newspaper in the city of Chicago, since the fateful event, it was the adolescent’s maternal grandmother and uncle (his mother’s brother) who became his legal guardians.

At the time, little Walkins, aspiring chef, expressed his desire to have his own restaurant one day, just as his father did when he opened Bodacious Barbecue & Big Ben’s Deli in Gary.

For his part, the internationally recognized Gordon Ramsay, the chef and host of MasterChef Junior, described Ben on his Twitter account as a talented cook and a strong young man. “Your young life had many difficult turns, but you always persevered”, also added: “I send all the love to the Ben Watkins family with this terrible loss.”

Such has been the amazement of users in the renowned social network, that with just a few minutes of learning the terrible news, the publication of the renowned chef has gathered more than thirteen hundred re-tweets and around 500 comments, where the Netizens join in giving their condolences to the family.