Family reunites after 30 years apart (Commission for the Search of Persons of the State of Mexico)

After 30 years lost, Adán Tolentino managed to reunite with his family in the State of Mexico. Through the people search system, his sisters managed to recognize him, despite having grown decades apart.

As a child, in the early 1990s, Adam was lost from his father’s hand after accompanying him to work at the Central de Abasto in Mexico City. Lost, he stayed for a few days in the city selling chewing gum along with other children, but he soon received the support of a Veracruz family who hosted him and urged him to finish his primary school.

For this reason, Adam He grew up in Poza Rica, Veracruz, far from his family and his native State of Mexico.

Adán Tolentino was reunited with his family after 30 years (Photo: Commission for the Search of Persons of the State of Mexico)

Later he settled in Lolotla, Hidalgo, along with his wife, who supported and guided him to start the process of locating his old family, through the Commission for the Search of Persons of the State of Mexico (Cobupem).

“For several years my wife has been telling me: we are going to look for them. I sent an application saying that I was looking for my family. So the next day I went to work and my wife told me: I will give you the phone number to dial, because they are going to help you look for your family. I spoke on the phone, gave my details, said I was looking for my familyAdam explained.

It was not until June 10 that he requested support from the government to trace his relatives. From over 10,000 possible matches, Tracked by data crossing and analysis of various information, Cobupem found one of Adam’s sisters, who recognized the coincidences with the story of her lost brother.

Family reunites after 30 years thanks to Cobupem (People Search Commission of the State of Mexico)

Lucía Pereira Juárez, Adam’s sister, narrated to the commission his experience upon learning of the news:

“They send a message to one of my sisters and they say they found my brother, that if we could identify the photo they had sent. So much knowledge of him, we did not have. My sister sent me the photo, and I saw it. And yes, I got the impression and I started crying too much« 

A few days after making the request, Adam received the news.. It was also exciting for him:

« He told me [el funcionario público]: We already found your family. And I said: well how are they going to find her? Sí Yes, we already found him! ’ I began to mourn. I am very grateful. I felt, now yes, that I was born again. It is a great joy, really, I felt I was missing something, I don’t know, something about me. I believe that that joy returned to me« 

After hearing the news that he could finally reunite with his family, 30 years later, Adam moved to Toluca.

“It was too happy news. There were no words at the time when he said we were going to be in touch. I was already understanding that what they were telling us was not a lie, but that it was a truth. We are very grateful to everyone because thanks to you we found the person we needed again, the truth, we needed a lot. And now that he is with us we say: thank you very much to all of you for supporting my brother to find us ”, shared Lucía holding back her tears.

From Hidalgo, Adán went to Toluca to meet his sisters again (Photo: Commission for the Search of Persons of the State of Mexico)

Along with the story, Cobupem shared contact information so that more lost persons or their relatives report the cases to the telephones 800-216-0361 and 800-509-0927 or through the facebook and twitter @COBUPEM.


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