he wanted the Betis plane to crash and called Rafa Nadal a “millionaire look”

The radical left continues to manifest itself in the form of looting, vandalism and riots in several cities of Spain in favor of the rapper Pablo Hasél, offender is sentenced by the National Court to two years, four months and fifteen days in jail for the crimes of exalting ETA terrorism and insults to the Crown.

A Pablo Hasél who some time ago also set several fires related to the world of sports. The most talked about was undoubtedly four years ago, in February 2017. At that time, in the Real Betis militated Roman zozulya, which was loaned to Rayo Vallecano and defenestrated and vilified by the ultras of the Madrid team. His home club, Betis, showed his face for the Ukrainian forward with support shirts, something that generated the rapper’s ire on social networks.

Pablo Hasél wrote an unfortunate and unacceptable message in which he wanted the plane in which the Verdiblanca expedition was traveling to crash, a tweet that forced Betis to take legal action and sue him. “To the Betis squad that defends the Nazi, if it weren’t for the fact that pilots and stewardesses would also die, I’d like their plane to crash”Hasél wrote, unrepentant and went further: «I am threatened with death by a thousand faces every day and I am not complaining or denouncing myself. How susceptible they are to what suits them. The victims of the Ukrainian Nazis cannot sue because they are already dead. Go ahead, you won’t get anything from me, I don’t have a euro ». Finally, he ended up deleting the tweets and was lucky because the Prosecutor’s Office concluded that they involved “serious offenses not constituting any criminal offense.”

Insults to Rafa Nadal

The thing is not there. A year before that fire set up by the ‘Zozulya case’, the Catalan rapper also charged and harshly attacked Rafael Nadal, the greatest sportsman in the history of Spain, a Majorcan proud of his country, something that Pablo Hasél should not like.

The rapper seriously insulted him when the tennis player was seen annoyed when he observed a stellate flag, representative of the Catalan independence movement, in the delivery of medals after winning gold with Marc López in the doubles of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games: «The millionaire face of Rafa Nadal is outraged by a stellate, not by the misery of his beloved rotten state. All for the pasta.