“He touched my breasts and crotch while he masturbated”

Although he has denied the allegations, the former German open water coach, Stefan lurz, has resigned after the publication of an article that collected the testimony of five swimmers of which there would be abused when these were minors. According to one of them, Stefan Lurz touched her breasts and crotch and urged him to touch him while masturbating; while another received photos with a penis and several nudes.

After the publication of this article in the magazine Der sppiegel, the German Swimming Association (DSV) suspended Stefan lurz, of 43 years. Hours later, it was he who submitted his voluntary resignation. However, he noted: “For more than ten years I have faced the same accusations over and over again and continue to deny the accusations”. “They are not more substantiated nor do they become true even though they are constantly repeated. I will not give information about my private contacts”Added the technician.

And is that Stefan Lurz has already been investigated for “suspected rape and sexual abuse of some swimmers”More than ten years ago. However, the young woman from 15 yearsdropped the rape allegations after multiple questioning”According to Der Spiegel.

The magazine has more evidence of the alleged abuse of Stefan Lurz

According to this magazine, Stefan lurz would have done Photographs swimmers in bathing suits asking them to exhibit erotic poses. Furthermore, Der Spiegel claims to have erotic content messages sent by the technician to his minors. “Today before training you were sooo sexy“Said one of them.

According to this publication, it has “documented more cases in which it is alleged that the national coach harassed and even sexually coerced his protégés. The messages sent suggest there were sexual contacts”. Furthermore, Der Spiegel has had access to an email in which a swimmer reports sexual harassment by Stefan Lurz to the German Swimming Association and mentions four other cases of minors affected.

It should be noted that Stefan is the brother and former coach of Thomas lurz, silver in the 10 km in open water at the 2012 London Olympics. Thomas also won the bronze four years later in Beijing and, in total, seven world titles throughout his career.