He took them off! Former host of the Hoy Program was reduced

He took them off! Former host of the Hoy Program was reduced | Instagram

Leaving aside the taboo and the shame it gives men to talk about this topic, Mauricio Mancera, former host of the Hoy Program revealed on television that he underwent a breast reduction.

The irreverent driver had boasted in the morning Televisa star that he had removed his breasts and even showed himself with a girdle for that area and later, shared his results in Members to the Air, a program of which he was also part.

Mancera welcomed an expert on the subject along with El Burro Van Rankin, Raúl Araiza, Paul Stanley and Yordi Rosado. The Members on Air They made it clear that it is a situation that causes pain for many men and that treatment is not very common in men. Dr. Andrés Bello indicated that one in every 800 men has gynecomastia, as breast enlargement is called.

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Mauricio Mancera indicated that this situation actually caused him great pain and even more so to share it in public; However, she has realized that sharing it helps others and that she receives daily messages from men asking her where she solved this aesthetic problem. Mau showed her breasts now more than flat after they removed 480 grams of fat.

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Who also confessed to having resorted to this “little retouch” was his partner in Hoy, Raúl Araiza. El Negrito indicated that although the amount that was withdrawn was less, he does feel much better with his “new self.”

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Those who were more than interested in the subject were Paul Stanley and Jorge Van Rankin, who did not take long to show their situation to the doctor to see if it is likely to undergo this procedure.

Bello indicated that El Burro has a lot of fat in the area, while Paco Stanley’s son also has some gland. The expert also indicated the importance of men becoming aware of breast cancer since it occurs in this genre.

Something that caught the attention of the viewers of Members to the Air is that the driver of the Today program, El Burro questioned if said fat and the removal of the abdomen can be placed in other places, something that the doctor responded positively and later, Van Rankin spoke about whether it can be placed in the most personal area of ​​men, something that is also possible ; According to the specialist, this is to give greater thickness.

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Jorge indicated that Yordi Rosado should resort to this treatment, to which the former partner of Adal Ramones assured not to need it and not only that, the reason is that it would be a lot of pain.

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