He took it off! Chayanne surprised in concert without pants

He took it off! Chayanne surprised in concert without pants | AP

Chayanne’s audience has always been excited in his presentations, because the mere fact of seeing him interpret his melodies and dance is something quite exciting, so a few years ago in one of his concerts he managed to make everyone scream with emotion at the same time well took off his pants while singing.

Chayanne surprised in 1991 in his presentation in Viña del Mar, one of the most important events in Santiago de Chile, one of the most difficult settings for some artists to conquer, however this was not a problem for the Puerto Rican singer.

In a video that was shared on YouTube on March 23, 2012, it appears Elmer Figueroa Arce internationally known as Chayanne in his 1991 presentation on said great stage, the video is titled: “Chayanne – This rhythm is danced like this (Viña Festival 1991)”.

At that time the young singer was only 22 years old, but he was already a recognized artist and celebrity of Latin music, he easily managed to conquer the public of Viña del Mar.

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Chayanne’s album titled with the same name where the song appears “This rhythm is danced like this“It was launched in 1988 and is of the salsa and tropical music genre, like most of their songs so far, of course, sometimes combining ballads and recently reggaeton.

Currently this and most of the songs of the handsome performer can be enjoyed on Spotify, Youtube Music and Dezeer.

In it video that was shared appears with several dancers interpreting his song, it is usual to see him accompanied in his presentations to make his presentation more enjoyable and entertaining, the outfit he wore was a long-sleeved shirt with a turtle neck, blue jeans and shoes, in those years he used his hair a little long in the front.

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While his dancers were wearing similar outfits but in shorts, the singer danced very concentrated and did the choreography to perfection, while the audience was more than encouraged to see him, there came a time when if he warned, he took off his pants that apparently had velcro. to the sides.

When the singer did this action, he managed to make the attendees cry out super excited when they saw him, being that he also continued singing and dancing very concentrated.

It should be noted that under his pants he had a short, which although it was quite close to the body, it was not so short as to show something more, but not too long, which is why it was possible to see the shapely and firm legs of Chayanne.

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Beautiful, his look, his charming laugh, his way of dancing, his athletic body … that was the singer that drove me crazy! “, They wrote in the video.

So far the video that was launched on the Carolina de la Vega channel has more than 196 thousand reproductions and among the comments where it seems that they are melted by the singer they amount to 69, surely because the young woman who shared the video only has 223 subscribers, who have undoubtedly seen the video on more than one occasion over the years.

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Seeing Chayanne either on his official Instagram account a video on Tiktok or on Youtube is always a great pleasure to stop his followers, especially because he is fortunate to always surprise with his charisma and sympathy, thanks to her he manages to make anyone fall in love with ease.

Surely, as this video was found, there will be many others where his fans will be more than excited to see them and know that to date he continues to maintain the same energy and dedication in his concerts.