He surrenders himself responsible for running over a minor a year ago and fleeing the scene – Telemundo Miami (51)

It took more than a year but finally the person allegedly responsible for a hit-and-run case that ended the life of a young man is already in jail, because today he turned himself in to the authorities.

This afternoon a mother breathes relieved because according to the arrest report a DNA test confirmed that the subject revealed that he conformed to the evidence obtained inside the vehicle involved with the incident. But not only that, but an analysis of his mobile phone also indicated that the subject was in the geographical area at the time of the incident.

Frederick Howard Bailey is now in jail after he turned himself in to authorities at the Miami Dade Police Department on Monday.

Alvaro Zabaleta, a Miami Dade police department detective, assured that the man “now faces very serious charges, after leaving a scene that caused death and charges were also added for obviously manipulating evidence for the simple reason that led him to a workshop to try to cover their actions and the damage to the vehicle ”.

Bailey, 45, was allegedly the driver of a Mercedes Benz C-300 car that was wanted by detectives last year. The same man who abandoned Derek Chirinos Betancourt on Sunday, February 9, 2020, a young man of only 18 years of age who was traveling by bicycle through 196 Northwest Terrace at 47 Avenue in Miami Gardens. Although paramedics tried to save his life after lying dying on the pavement, the young man died.

“The homicide bureau ends up being the voice of its victims because they can no longer speak and they tirelessly work all the cases and no matter how long it takes and in this case it took more than a year, but the person responsible for the act and the one that took the life of the 18-year-old Betancourt is behind bars ”.

It is known that the subject was driving at the time of the incident with a suspended driver’s license and with all the evidence obtained, the authorities made the arrest.

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