“He stole from me” Verónica Castro alerted Luis Miguel de Hugo López

“He stole from me” Verónica Castro alerted Luis Miguel de Hugo López | Instagram

It would be the actress, Verónica Castro who tried to warn the Luis Miguel about her former manager, Hugo López, whom the host knew very well. “He stole from me!” confirmed the artist herself.

After the last chapters that will arrive with the fourth episode of Luis Miguel’s series, the close relationship with his “former manager”, Hugo Lopez, has been put between said, is a past interview with Veronica Castro the one that again puts the integrity of the “former manager” in question.

In the midst of the controversies that have arisen since the two seasons of Luis Miguel: La Serie, “La Vero” arises again on this issue, since it would be the one who warned Luis Miguel, about the Argentine businessman whom she met in the decade of 80s and who would reveal, would leave a terrible experience.

Apparently, the remembered “Bad Night driver no!” and other variety shows, he would have been a victim of mismanagement by Hugo López and called the “Sol” to warn him but they reveal, he did not pay attention to him.

I spoke to Luis Miguel and I said, How do you think of catching this thief son of his m # $%? He let me live in Argentina this. He stole from me. Be careful.

According to alleged reports, the “actress from Los Ricos also Cry”, would have tried to make the interpreter of “La Inconditional” see reason so that he would think about it before hiring the manager since, according to what he warned him, “he was not someone to be trusted.” Hugo López “had a tail that will be stepped on.”

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It was in a 2018 interview that “Cristian Castro’s mother” revealed that she warned Luis Miguel that his new manager “was a gangster” and to “be careful.”

Despite this, the “divo de México” would ignore and blindly trust López, until November 30, 1993, when they say, he himself would realize what Verónica herself warned long ago.

I think he realized it until Hugo died10, because the plane, the helicopter, all the things he owned, he had put in his name, and then he left them to his wife; but they were from Luis Miguel, won by him. He stole from him, and he also got angry. Points out.

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“He left me working for free and starving”

It was in the 1980s, when Verónica Castro starred in several novels in Argentina, in 1982, she starred in “the face of love” and starred in plays “Los amores de Verónica” and “Un día con Charlie”.

The following year, he collaborated with the story “Face to face” and in 1984 he made “Yolanda Luján”, his last melodrama in that country, it was at a time when he met Hugo López, who offered to manage his career, however, it all ended very badly.

When I went to Argentina, he left me working for free and I starved, said Verónica Castro.

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Yes sir. He came back with the money, stole from me, left me there and also hooked me in theater and a lot of things. If I told you, he added.

It was in a 2018 interview when the first season of Luis Miguel: La Serie came out where a very close relationship between the singer and his former representative is reflected, which can also be seen in the second season where even Luis Miguel is devastated by the health of his former manager.

Today again, the talk with “Ventaneando” gains strength where the protagonist of “Rosa Salvaje” tells the truth of who Hugo López was, of whom he assures, felt “attracted to her”, according to the beloved and acclaimed figure of the Mexican show.

One of the main protagonists of “La Casa de las Flores”, Verónica, pointed out that she did not accept a relationship with him.

That was what he wanted, and since I did not accept it, he made my life impossible, I sent him to the mess and he returned here (Mexico), the actress recalled, later, she warned Luis Miguel not to take advantage of him.

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I said: Be careful because he is a thief, he is a bad person. May God have him in his holy glory …. He must be in hell for sure, “said the one recognized as an Emmy for her legacy to Latin American television.

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