He stars in Harry Styles chapter 3 of the Gucci miniseries

Harry Styles stars in chapter 3 of the Gucci miniseries (AP)

Harry Styles stars in chapter 3 of the Gucci miniseries | AP

The handsome British singer Harry Styles He stars in chapter three of the Gucci miniseries and also reveals how he creates his music, something that probably no one or very few people knew about the actor.

The episode three premiered within the framework of “Gucci Fest” and is part of the presentation of the collection “Overture of Something that Never Ended”.

There is no doubt that Harry Styles continues to give a lot to talk about in the fashion world and after a week of making history by being the protagonist of the cover of Vogue, the chapter he stars in the new miniseries of Gucci.

It is worth mentioning that this project is being launched prior to “Gucci Fest” and, being directed by Gus Van Sant, in this way it will function as the presentation of the new collection of the fashion house: “Overture of Something that Never Endedes”.

The chapter in which it appears Harry Styles It was released a few hours ago and is about to reach half a million views.

During his participation in the video, the British singer has a passionate conversation with the art critic Achille Bonito Oliva.

This third chapter begins during a day of visiting the post office, where Silvia decides to send a love letter, however, while she is in a line full of people who are dressed incredible, where they even combine with their little birds pet, she listens to other people’s conversations.

Thanks to this it is how we can find out about the conversation between Harry Styles and Achille Bonito Oliva, who have a conversation about the process of creating art, while the musician is in a garden, bathed in the sun.

I think when it comes to creating art it’s about finding the thing you’ve always wanted to see, what you’ve always wanted to hear, that had never been done, “said Harry Styles.

This participation of Harry undoubtedly took many by surprise, however, it is something that he really deserves, as he is a true idol of fashion.

It is always an awkward moment when you find that thing; you don’t know if you’ll love it or hate it because you don’t know yet what it will be, but I think it’s the most exciting place to work and that’s true for all fields, “added the” Golden “interpreter.

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Nowadays Harry has become one of the most influential people in the world, very year after year has been breaking the stereotypes of clothing.

Fashion dresses humanity, art reveals it, and music is a message to the atrophied muscle of cognitive sensitivity. We could say that this is an era marked by a lack of faith in our future, but also one where awareness of the present is vivid. This is also important, if you consider that this had already happened in another era, long ago, after rebirth, “ends up answering Achille Bonito Oliva.

As we mentioned earlier, this third chapter was released within the framework of the Gucci Fest, which will end on November 22 of this year, when, in addition to having released all the chapters, they will also make the official presentation of their new collection.

In this way, throughout the seven chapters that will be released, other celebrity guests will appear, such as Florence Welch and Billie Eilish; In addition, the fourth episode premiered at 2:00 p.m. on November 19.

On the other hand, the famous British singer has made history by being one of the artists under 30 years of age to conquer many of the territories of fame, which has led him to be the first man to star alone on the cover of A well-known magazine, however, this managed to get some negative comments from the trans community.

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