He spent $ 15,000 for a Disney World vacation, but ended up in prison for refusing to take his temperature

A dream vacation ended in a nightmare for a man who refused to cooperate with the health protocols against the coronavirus implemented in Disney World.

Kelly sills, a 47-year-old man from Baton Rouge Louisiana, ended up in the Orange County, Florida jail after confronting officers at the Happiest place on Earth.

It all happened on February 13 when Sills circumvented the resort’s body temperature control for guests. The authorities confronted him, he refused to make up for his mistake and ended up handcuffed.

“I paid $ 15,000 … They cannot force me if I paid $ 15,000”the subject shouted when he ended up in police custody, as seen in the body cameras of the officers, which were released this week.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Sills said he did not realize when he evaded the temperature control and inadvertently entered through an exit. According to Orange County court documents, he pleaded not guilty to breaking and entering.

Before being taken out of the park in handcuffs, Sills repented and asked the police to take his temperature. “They will do it in jail,” replied the officer.

This is not the first incident of a tourist who refuses to follow the sanitation guidelines in the park, who has expressed his conviction to maintain the protocols at all costs.

Sills admitted that he was in a bad mood that day and paid dearly for it, spending the first night of a five-day trip under arrest.

“Covid is something very serious, but so are my vacations with my family”, He said.

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