From minute 1 of ‘La casa fuerte’, Oriana Marzoli has already become the most controversial contestant of all. It is not the first reality show for the Venezuelan, who has lived the experience of many similar to this one across the pond. However, she had never been seen for so long in one in Spain, so his attitudes, criticism and provocations are being widely commented on in the different Mediaset spaces.

Fight between Oriana Marzoli and Fani Carbajo in ‘La casa fuerte’

‘Viva la vida’ has echoed these, which has led Ylenia to share information from Rafa Mora, friend of Oriana until her entry in ‘La casa fuerte’. « Her main goal was to provoke Fani until he hit her and kicked her out of reality., which has been done in all Chilean reality shows. It is his modus operandi: I’m going to provoke you until you have to hit me, « explained the former great sister.

« I think that is not justified under any circumstances, » said Ylenia harshly. « You can’t allow yourself to go looking for people to give you hell because if you look for it in the end you will find it« Tony Spina, ex-partner of Oriana, came to his defense denying that this was his usual behavior in reality: » You have to see what credibility Rafa Mora has, that he became his friend and is selling itYlenia reaffirmed the credibility of the collaborator of ‘Sálvame’, assuring that she was the first to sell it when she criticized Macarena. no, « Spina commented. » Does she provoke? Yes. But can you also find someone who gets out of hand and doesn’t know how to manage it? Too ».

Supporting Ylenia’s statement

Rafa Mora and Ylenia are not the only ones who defend that Oriana’s intentions are those. ‘Viva la vida’ has asked her exams such as Aless Gibaja, Samira and Lola Ortiz and all agree that the contestant on ‘La casa fuerte’ always maintains this modus operandi. « She provokes them to hit her. It’s a tactic of hers. It unnerves you and drives you crazy so that you can attack her« says Gibaja.