Spanish musician Enrique Bunbury released his most recent album titled Posible, in which he explores new musical textures, and in which he winks at other creatives, filmmakers, musicians, and poets.

“I do see David Lynch’s ‘Lynchean’ part on the record, or a relationship with certain obscure musicians that I like like Mark Lanegan, Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Joy Division. I do see little connections to his influence.” he assured.

“As for writers, it costs me a little more there because on the album there is a poetic part and a reflective part, I think those two aspects have influenced: reading essays by philosophers and also reading poetry”, continues the musician from Zaragoza.

Enrique refers that those winks to creatives who have influenced his new album are imperceptible, even for him: “In some way there is a connection with different musicians, with different musics that I have heard and that move me, and different film directors or writers “

In previous days the Galician musician Ivan Ferreiro, referred to Posible, all these relationships with other creatives, however, Bunbury had not noticed it: “It costs me a little, because I think that, from his perspective, he sees clearly some references that for me are intermingled between all the proposal “, he confesses.

Regarding the search for new sounds to nourish his musical proposal, Enrique Bunbury assures that, although he does not explore the new music of his colleagues, he tends to listen to the proposals in order to put himself at the level of musicians he admires and whose songs he they generate emotions.

“For me there are two important parts: on the one hand, the fact that the creation of songs itself, the need to express yourself is still in force in me, that need has not changed at any time, I even think that now I am in a more creative moment that in some specific moments of my life, and the other part that I think is very important, is to continue enjoying the record releases of your colleagues and other people, from other areas of music that arise every day. “

“Listening to the music that comes out today is very important to me and I am not a person who is constantly listening to classic rock or specific music from the past, my time is especially dedicated to listening to records that have come out this year,” he points out.

“I love being attentive to what my colleagues are releasing, I don’t know, the album that Natalia Lafourcade has released, or the one from DLD that is fantastic too, speaking of Mexico, being attentive to what others are doing is a constant challenge trying to live up to the talent of others, “he concluded.

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