“He reached for the gun”

Juan José Ballesta is news again, and it is again because of one of his irreverent anecdotes. If the actor already surprised us recently when in his interview for ‘Saturday deluxe’ He confessed his constant economic waste, now the former ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ contestant has surprised his Instagram followers by telling a curious incident in which he was involved with the Civil Guard.

Juan José Ballesta, accused of robbery by the Civil Guard

In his networks, the winner of a Goya Award recounted how, after making a purchase in a supermarket accompanied by his teenage son, the Civil Guard suddenly stopped his car. « Four cars of the Civil Guard come, they give us the lights and we stop. One of them comes and takes his gun », said the son of Ballesta. « He tells me to remove the car keys and leave them on the dashboard, » the actor continued.

« The Civil Guard tells me that we come from Yuncos and that we have stolen a woman’s purse in the supermarket », explained Ballesta. « I tell him: ‘Take the keys, I don’t want to know anything’, and he searches our car. » Next, the civil guard asked a question that surprised the actor: « You didn’t go down without a mask to buy a pack of masks and stole a purse? », to which he replied: « I have not stolen anything! ». Ballesta explained that they gave their registration and filed a complaint.

« That they shoot us without eating or drinking it »

After finding no trace of the aforementioned bag, the Civil Guard would leave, but not before informing Ballesta that they would be called to clarify the matter. The actor confessed that, during the incident, they came to fear: « I was already laughing, but we were a little scared when they reached for the gun. I said: ‘Watch out, that they shoot us without eating or drinking it ‘« .