He pretends kidnapping and having cancer so his girlfriend won’t leave him

Facing or overcoming the end of a love relationship is not easy at all Well, finally, it is a duel that heals little by little over time and sometimes with the help of a professional.

Unfortunately there are those who believe that they will not be able to go out or move on when they suffer a heart failure because they consider that without the other person, their lives are meaningless, which sometimes causes people to do crazy things.

That is the case of a man from Gijón, Spain, who was able to invent a double lie in order to retain who he said was the love of his life.

Local media suggest that in February of this year, a woman filed a lawsuit after several letters reached her, Through which they threatened her for posting photos on Instagram.

As the investigation progressed, the story took a gruesome and at the same time unexpected turn, because behind all this was involved the gentleman who at that time was her partner.

The result of the investigation showed that the threatening letters were sent by the woman’s own boyfriend, Since he did not like her to publish photos of her on said social network and so that she would not continue to do so, he sent her a series of anonymous letters with which she threatened to hurt her if she continued to publish her images.

But it does not end there. Police also discovered that the man had been lying to him for a long time that he had terminal cancer, which was just a pretext for his girlfriend not to end their relationship and feel a little sorry for him.

Days later it also came to light that the man had invented a kidnapping of which he was allegedly a victim for the same purpose.

The police carried out his arrest and, given the evidence, this person had no choice but to tell the truth. Now he faces charges for faking his kidnapping and threats against his ex-partner.

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