He murdered his teenage ex-girlfriend in Ecatepec; receives 40 years in jail

MEXICO CITY.- The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) obtained a conviction of 40 years in prison for Jesús Antonio “O”, who in July last year murdered a 17-year-old minor of age, who was his ex-girlfriend.

This femicide occurred on July 13, 2020, when the now sentenced man arrived at the victim’s home, located on Calle Pirámides, in the Ampliación San Pedro Xalostoc neighborhood, in Ecatepec. This individual climbed a tree and went up to a canopy to enter the aforementioned house.

Once inside, Jesús Antonio looked for the victim inside the home and shot him with a firearm he was carrying, then he fled aboard a scooter. While the adolescent was transferred to a hospital in Mexico City, where she received medical attention, however, she died from the injuries she presented.

Given this, the FGJEM integrated the respective investigation folder for the murder, collected various data and carried out various procedures, which allowed finding the weapon that was used to commit this femicide, which was located inside a public bathroom at the terminal of a transport route in this municipality; in the same way, the scooter with which the aggressor fled was found.

With the information gathered, the Judicial Authority was asked for an arrest warrant against this individual and later, with the use of technological investigation techniques, it was determined that he was in the state of Tamaulipas, for which the collaboration of the Attorney General’s Office of that entity to carry out a joint operation that would allow the arrest of this subject.

After being apprehended in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas state, last October, he was transferred by air to Mexico, where he was admitted to the Ecatepec Penitentiary and Social Reintegration Center, in compliance with the arrest warrant that was issued in his against for this femicide.

This subject was at the disposal of a judge, an authority that, after a legal process, issued the conviction, also set him fines of 700 days of minimum wage, 269 thousand 851 as compensation for pecuniary damage and 123 thousand 220 pesos as compensation for moral damage, coupled with the fact that their civil and political rights were suspended.

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