He-Man: fans praise the first images and say that he is better than She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Although remakes are not a new trend, in recent years this formula caused by the nostalgia of millions who want to see their favorite characters again, even for a moment, has spread. Bringing these stories back is not something that happens only in the cinema, there are more and more television titles that want to take advantage of this resource that rarely fails. Even if the final product is bad, loyal fans will be there to see it. Of course, appealing to nostalgia is not enough and it is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, there are the fans who will give you a chance but will not forgive mediocre scripts. On the other side are those sensitive whose childhood seems at risk only for the creation of the remake and attack immediately thanks to their prejudices.

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The public was used to expecting live action films of their favorite cartoons, but lately the popularity of animated series has been increasing, so many are trying to conquer these territories. We are in a very positive context for animation in which there is a great balance between history and style, whether for children or adults. It is not uncommon then that a service like Netflix is ​​among the first to offer new adventures of well-known characters.

Two years ago the news broke that Netflix was developing a new version of He-man and this week the first official images were finally released. Immediately, the followers filled their social networks to praise the result and compare it with She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, which before its premiere was harshly criticized for the physical change to the protagonist. In the case of He-man It seems that he has already conquered everyone.

Comparisons with She-Ra are unavoidable because both characters are part of the universe of Masters of the Universe. In the original story, the two are twin brothers and have shared adventures in movies and in their respective animated series from the eighties.

The art of the new He-Man looks amazing. I grew up loving the original He-Man and She-Ra. He had their toys. I even liked the first reboot of He-Man. However, I hate Netflix’s She-Ra’s massacred reboot. I hope that with Kevin Smith in charge this He-Man will be true to the original.

He-Man has muscles in his muscles. Meanwhile, She-Ra doesn’t even have knees.

Heck, this looks like the 2002 He-Man! Too bad it’s on Netflix. I will have to pirate it before a Blu-ray / DVD release. If that happens.

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In Latin America, the debate on the style of animations also began:

Of course, some of you recognize that the series appealed to different audiences and had a different goal:

You have to remember that although She-Ra it was judged harshly long before its premiere, the final result was positive. The series had 5 seasons and more than 50 episodes. In addition to the good qualification of the specialized critic, the animation obtained important nominations to the Emmy. In the same way, he obtained the appreciation of the public for the development of his story, especially the relationship between the protagonist and Catra, whose character and evolution many compared with Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 3 – 100%. Beyond the design there must be a well-done script and a well-structured story, so you cannot ask for less from the new version of He-man which still does not have a clear release date, but which is expected to be one of the surprises of 2021.

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