Actor Brad Pitt Stokes Love For Renewed Singer Adele | Instagram

One piece of news that would surprise everyone would be the discovery of a new idyll between Brad Pitt and a famous singer, nothing more and nothing less than the recently renovated today Adele.

However, this still does not reach much unless the actor makes his dream come true of conquering the heart of the beautiful British singer.

This rumor comes from the actor’s circle from which it appears that now the protágonista of « Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood » has awakened a special feeling with the interpreter of « Someone like you« .

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According to an unknown source, he would reveal to New Idea magazine that the actor from 56 years he would be fascinated with the cheeky « sense of humor » of the artist.

And apparently they even talk for several hours telephone.

Brad not only thinks that she is beautiful, but he has it on edge every time they hang out or talk on the phone, « the source told the publication.

But the detail that has transcended and caused a greater impact is that « Brad loves the mouth of the singer « they assure.

He has a mouth that appeals to Brad given his conservative upbringing. « 

It is worth mentioning that both are in a stage of separation of their ex-partners and now they have stayed close to each other’s radars.

It was even known that Adele I’d dedicate a full two-hour concert to Brad after his separation from Angelina Jolie in 2016.

Apparently, Brad he considers the idea of ​​an opportunity between them, but still does not know what Adele thinks, according to the La Botana medium.

Brad hopes this thing between them gets a real shot. But he’s not sure Adele feels the same way.

Meanwhile, it was reported last June that the singer from 32 years I was apparently dating the British rapper Skepta after the pair flirted heavily on Instagram

Brad has the impression that she is not looking to return to a stable relationship, ”explains the source.

The reasons refer to the fact that the past 2019, another source would reveal to the Mirror newspaper that Adele She was happy to move on with her life after her separation from her ex-husband Simon.

He and the singer share a common six-year-old son, Angelo. While on the part of Brad Pitt He has six children with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie.