He lost his temper! This was the brutal stomp of Di María that cost him his expulsion

Manchester City beat PSG in 180 minutes who could not football, causing frustration and impotence in several sections of the tie, as seen in the second leg of the semifinal, where Di María fell into a provocation from Fernandinho and ended up giving the Brazilian a terrible stomp.

The Argentine saw the red card in minute 69 after the violent action in a play in which Di María and Fernandinho were in the dispute for the ball to execute a throw-in in favor of the French.

By not giving him the ball, and as a result of frustration at not finding answers on the field, Di María gave in to his despair and committed the terrible aggression just after the second goal of the locals fell.

After the expulsion, Pochettino’s team was very tense, which caused many rude entries, especially from the Italian Verratti, who after the engagement confessed that the referee gave him various expletives.

Guardiola at the end of the Champions League

The Spanish strategist will have a new opportunity to play a Champions League final after having led Barcelona, ​​in 2011, to such an instance where he later managed to prevail against Manchester United and thus obtain the third orejona for Barcelona.

In case of winning the title with City, Guardiola will enter the select group of coaches to win the Champions League title with two different teams. A feat that only Erns Happel has achieved with Feyenoord and Hamburg, Ottmar Hitzfeld with Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, Mourinho with Porto and Inter, Heynckes with Real Madrid and Bayern Munich and Ancelotti with Milan and Real Madrid.