He loses a son to Covid and offers vaccines at his funeral

A portrait of Brandon Haynes exhibited during his funeral, an event that his mother took advantage of to offer vaccines to the attendees. (Image credit: Yahoo! news USA).

It happened in the city of Baton Rouge, capital of the state of Louisiana, United States. A mother devastated by the stubbornness of her son, whom she had been trying for months – unsuccessfully – to get vaccinated, has ended up teaching the world a lesson.

His son, a 46-year-old man named Brandon haynes, refused the vaccine on multiple occasions. Furthermore, he tried to convince his mother and her circle of friends not to be immunized with any of the formulas available in the United States.

Interestingly, Brandon suffered from diseases that made him especially prone to a severe case of Covid-19, case of infection. Her mother has commented in the media that she not only had heart problems and obesity, but also suffered from COPD, a chronic disease that obstructs the lungs.

Haynes, who died on June 9 after spending six days in hospital with respiratory problems, had received several advice from the doctors who treated him regularly, in the sense that he was a person especially susceptible to suffering complications in case of infection with the coronavirus .

It was of no use. His mother came to beg him: “Brandon please, you need to get vaccinated.”

“Oh no mom, I’m not going to do it and it would be better if you didn’t get vaccinated either,” says her mother in shock. Betty antoine, who ignored her son and was vaccinated, since she had suffered from lung cancer and preferred to be prepared for what might come.

When Brandon felt ill at the beginning of June, he went to a clinic with his mother. Betty relates that when the doctor approached her son to tell him that he had tested positive for Covid-19, she immediately paled as she knew that her son’s chances of survival were very slim.

The media that have picked up the news in the United States add that Brandon claimed to have carried out his own investigation, which is why he preferred to wait. Those same media claim that Brandon asked all his friends to act in the same way.

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His mother adds: “what he did not do was tell all his friends about his previous pathologies”. Betty admits to being angry after the death of her son for his refusal to receive the vaccine, which is why she devised a plan: to ask all her friends to get vaccinated in her honor.

One of the & # xfa; latest images of Brandon Haynes that uploaded & # xf3;  to his social networks before dying from Covid-19 at the age of 46 years.  (Image seen on of the & # xfa; latest images of Brandon Haynes that uploaded & # xf3;  to his social networks before dying from Covid-19 at the age of 46 years.  (Image seen on

One of the last images of Brandon Haynes that he uploaded to his social networks before dying from Covid-19 at the age of 46. (Image seen on

Said and done, on July 18, during an event to celebrate Brandon’s life in Port Allen, Betty organized with the help of local health personnel a kind of mobile clinic so funeral attendees could get vaccinated.

Outcome? Three people were vaccinated on the spot and since then another 10 people close to the family have also been immunized.

We are confident that Berry’s commendable effort will pay off, as Louisiana residents (especially men) appear to be well below the federal median in number of vaccinations, which is why the number of infected is currently high. upward.

According to figures published in the New York Times, only 36.6% of the Louisiana population was vaccinated with the full regimen last Monday, July 26.

I found out by reading Yahoo news US edition ..

You can see some moving photos of the vaccination act that took place during Brandon’s funeral, visit the local newspaper

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