He looks for Shakira and rejects her, Karol G says he wanted collaboration

He looks for Shakira and rejects her, Karol G assures that he wanted collaboration | AFP

The famous and talented colombian Karol G, who will perform on the Latin stage American Music Awards 2021, continues sweeping with his new album “KG0516”, even, the premiere was so triumphant that the same Spotify named it as the most successful production by a Spanish-speaking artist on the streaming platform worldwide.

And it is that, we cannot deny that it is a record production Sublime, because as we know, KG0516 has collaborations with the biggest stars in music, such as Ivy Queen, Camilo and Nicky Jam.

It is worth mentioning that this record material marks a before and after in the Colombian’s career, since it includes her first single in English entitled “Beautiful Boy” in conjunction with rapper Ludacris and a young tiktoker.

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As if that were not enough, I interpreted it, I had very good plans for this specific album, however, or everything went as expected, because recently in an interview he stated that he had thought about inviting Shakira to be part of this production, but the Barranquilla did not accept the invitation.

That’s right, as incredible as it may seem, it was Karol G herself who revealed that she contacted her compatriot to participate in one of the songs of her new record production, unfortunately the answer was negative, but this did not stop the reggaeton, as she continued with her creation of musical entertainment for her fans.

In this way it was that the interpreter of the urban genre commented: “At some point I knocked on the door, let’s say that a year ago I looked for the opportunity to record with Shakira, it did not happen at that time,” he confessed during a press conference.

However, the interpreter of “Bichota” does not rule out the possibility of going back to look for the famous and talented Shakira to consider merging their voices into a song, which we know would be a complete worldwide success.

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“Let’s see what happens, I’m not saying no, I’m not saying yes, it’s going to be part of what the future holds. If a song comes along that in my opinion is for Shakira, I’ll knock on the door again, if it doesn’t happen. However, my respect and admiration are infinite, because in addition to being a great woman in the world, she is from my country, she represents my home, she taught us that everything was possible, “he continued.

These statements come after, through a Facebook Live, Karol G revealed that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are his greatest inspirations in the musical field, since he considers that both have made their careers a great example for several generations.

Very emotional, telling the audience all that she felt for both world stars, she said it this way: “We are talking about Shakira and J. Lo! I think that to talk about being at their level I have a long way, but a lot I mean, they are artists who have marked thousands of people, who have done global things, who have songs for movies and thousands of other things. I’m on the way, but to reach such legends I lack a lot “.

So, the idea of ​​creating music together is still an illusion for Karol G, however, this idea may be achieved in the not too distant future, on our part, like reggaeton, we just have to wait for it another theme song comes out that is conducive to the impressive and powerful voice of the sincere hips.

In the meantime, we cordially invite you to, if you haven’t heard the new auditory material from Bichota Mayor, go running to your favorite streaming platform and start dancing to the rhythm of the most powerful reggaeton.