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 Magaly Medina responded to the insults she is receiving for her complaint against Yaqoob Mubarak.

The presenter Magaly Medina spoke out strongly after being criticized for the complaint she showed about the Arab millionaire Yaqoob Mubarak.

What did Magaly Medina say about the attacks she receives from Yaqoob Murabak?

The ATV figure in his style, spent time on his program to lash out at the negative comments he receives on his social networks from followers who defend the philanthropist.

“No one here is silent, we denounce what must be denounced. Some people do not like that he is talking about Yaqoob Murabak because of course the man is going, he gives them a few groceries, everyone likes that the Peruvians are with the hands of a beggar, asking him for things, “he said.


Yaqoob responds to Magaly’s criticism

Arab businessman responds to Magaly Medina after accusing him of cheating the needy

“And this man comes, brings his cameras and does his campaign for what? We do not know what other additional businesses he is doing in Peru and making himself famous as an angel,” added Medina.

Given this, the driver stressed that she will continue investigating the foreigner despite the criticism.

“However, I see that in my social networks, people start to insult me ​​and tell me why I speak to them like that, that I am a bad woman, a witch, one such for which,” she added.

Magaly Medina criticized the corrupt presidents of our country

“I investigate and take out the dirty laundry from whoever seems convenient to me. This is a country where that is why we like the corrupt, because it does not matter, the one who steals the least is the best, that is our policy, that is how we Peruvians work, unfortunately, the vast majority. “

In turn, he concluded: “That is why we have the presidents we deserve, that is why we have so much thief everywhere and we must not forgive that. They can insult everything they want from Yaqoob Mubarak, but if I keep finding him the dirty things, I will take them out, even if they don’t like it ”.