“He knows little about it”

In the middle of the battle between private media and content creators on platforms such as YouTube, another attack is added to those of televisions. Pablo Iglesias harshly attacked Mediaset España and Atresmedia Televisión from Congress of the Deputies for the « power » held by both groups, even comparing it with their own. Nevertheless, Alberto Caballero has raised his voice to show his resounding disagreement.

Pablo Iglesias

The vice president of the government once again charged against what are the two main communication groups in this country: « The owners of Atresmedia and Mediaset have more power than you, who has been elected by the citizens, and even me, who am vice president of the Government. Tell me with your heart in your hand that that seems democratic normality« He went on to affirm a Citizen deputy.

It is true that, from his beginnings in politics, Iglesias has already shown his predisposition towards establish various « control elements » over the media. However, Alberto Caballero has been very critical of these statements: « Pablo Iglesias already knows the position a little. Now he wants to be Rupert Murdoch too. Boy, if there is RTVE, you already have a channel. What else do you want? « , Sentence through his Twitter account.

Caballero’s followers react to his answer

As it usually happens, networks are divided with disparity of opinions (and more on a topic that has to do with politics). Some applaud him and even compare him to the character of Jordi Sánchez: « That phrase sounds more like Antonio Recio to me than a Vice President of the Government« says a tweeter, others agree with Iglesias: » It refers to the fourth estate. And, it really is much more powerful than the government, « says another user.