He is Little Nicholas and will go to jail for pretending to be royalty.

He was arrested, but was later released while the trial was being resolved. In a very long process during all these years his crimes have been investigated and more charges have been found and he has alleged “a megalomaniac disorder” to avoid being judged, according to El País reports.

Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias (Leire Figueiras / Shutterstock)

The issue has been a controversy in Spain. They took away his passport, political parties demanded his immediate arrest, imposed fines, among other measures and news. Also in 2017 they found that little Nicholas created a corrupt network of policemen to impersonate a person in high office in the state and offer help in exchange for money. This did not stop him, later he tried to falsify his entrance to the University College of Financial Studies, through the son of the Spanish ambassador in Egypt.

They have finally handed down a sentence for the character. At 27 years old, Nicolás will face more than three years in prison on charges of usurpation de public functions, with a penalty of nine months in prison, and for active bribery, with a penalty of two years and three months in prison.

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