‘Nocturnal Animals’ aired on Monday June 29 its third program on the late night of Telecinco and the section of talks with the spectators could not be more bumpy. Miguel, a follower who was calling from Madrid, harshly criticized both the presenter, Cristina Tárrega, and the collaborator Suso Álvarez.

Cristina Tárrega, in ‘Nocturnal Animals’

« Holi, first of all I wanted to say that Suso Álvarez is a macho and a homophobe, okay?« Miguel dropped to the surprise of Tárrega. Meanwhile, the » affected « by the statements burst out laughing. The viewer ignored their reactions and brought up a » black list « of Twitter users. » There are some names that are underlined, I’m not going to say them because I could go to jail, « he said with mystery.

Cristina Tárrega was slow to react, but finally wanted to know the reasons for the follower to criticize Suso in this way. « Why are you messing with my Susi like this?« Because he is a macho and a homophobe, He is taking advantage of women in reality to be on the television grid« Miguel defended very convinced. » No, no, Miguel, I really am telling you, « replied Tárrega without leaving his astonishment.

« I don’t feel macho »

The accusation against Suso was not the last departure of tone from the young spectator, who also it was dispatched at ease against Cristina Tárrega herself. « You are a fake who is criticizing his friends, which gives me a little disgust and I have nothing more to say, « Miguel blurted out. Now with the networks there is a thing called ‘complain mania’ and you dedicate yourself to insulting. And you are a public person who has exposed himself » , tried to explain the presenter to Suso, who settled the issue: « It does not affect me. I see well that he enters and expresses his emotions. I am not homophobic and I do not feel macho either, that some macho comment has ever escaped me, I am very sorry« You are very basic, but you don’t have anything as a homophobe, » Tárrega ended up defining.