He “I regret having asked to leave Atleti” and the traffic accident at the Calderón

Sergio Aguero was one of the great idols of the
Atlético de Madrid, but his departure, in a very bad way, clouded how much he left in the mattress club in a complex time.

The Argentine has done an interview with the ‘streamer’ Ibai
Plains in which he has reviewed some issues of that time and in which he told a funny anecdote of an accident he had by staring at the Vincent

On his goodbye to AthleticHe explained that “there was a meeting in which one thing was agreed and when it is not fulfilled” he makes a decision like the one he made. “The only way, hot … the journalists catch you and you’re hot, lack of experience, I threw that one (who wanted anger) and obviously I didn’t think about the people from the Atlético de Madrid, that it could affect, that the problems that I had with the club in the end I was making with this comment to the fans, “he lamented.

“I never had a problem with the fans. He always treated me well. For me they were the best moments in Calderon. They were amazing. It was crazy, ”the player recalled. “The games like that spicy, the Calderon it was terrible. ” “When I arrived I came from being in Second a few years before,” he commented.

“There were other offers then, but I was in the America Cup 2011. The decision was made after the Cup and I had to go back to Atlético to train and I had already said that I wanted to go. He couldn’t, no way. But saying publicly that I wanted to leave the club was a mistake, “he said.

About his signing for him Athletic He said: “At that time I did not want to leave Independiente. I was very young, 18 years old, I am very familiar … I knew that if I left, I would lose my connection with the family. But my teammates made me see that it was the best for me and I went. When I signed the contract with Atlético, my mother began to cry. In two months I went from watching the big games in Europe from Argentina to see Ronaldo in my first derby with Atlético against him Real Madrid. I went in and at the end of the game I tried to beat Boxes with a mince in ’88 and he went to the moon, “he said. “There I was angry because I didn’t play and I ended up frustrated,” he confessed.

“The press was from Real Madrid. The Athletic it came out in a tiny box, uninteresting. We were like that, we were isolated … it’s normal. I was more on the covers when I said that I wanted to leave Atlético than because of what I played, ”said the player.


“They gave me a car and I, reloco, said I want to ‘drive’ (drive). They told me be careful because you don’t have the registration (the license), I came from Argentina and had to change the registration (validate the driver’s license of their country) ”, he began counting.

“It was a new car, I wanted to step on it, I wanted to be the ‘pisero’ and I remember the bridge of the Calderon… we were traveling to China. And when I got there, unconsciously I look to see the Vicente Calderón and when I look where I have to look, to pay attention, all the cars stop … And I didn’t stop, I went straight and put it on an old man … I gave it wrong. On top of that that car crashes into the other, and the other into another, another … It’s a chain. He wanted to kill me ”, explained the player of the Manchester City.

And to avoid problems, the player confessed that they were looking for a ruse. “The one who came with me from the club told me, get back (to the seat). He got out of the car and said he was the one driving (driving). He said ‘you are an asshole how you make me crash like that’. Sure, normal, if it’s red, everyone stops but I didn’t stop, I continued … I looked at the Calderon and I put it wrong, “he recalled to the astonishment of Ibai Llanos.