“He grabbed my nuts”, Raúl Sandoval talks about Daniel Bisogno

“He grabbed my nuts”, Raúl Sandoval talks about Daniel Bisogno | Instagram

Raúl Sandoval has exposed who was his friend and ex of his wife Fran Meric, Daniel Bisogno, as the driver of Ventaneando would have “put his hand on him.

In an interview for Gossip No Like, Raul Sandoval He spoke about his professional career, his emergence in La Academia, his stay at TV Azteca and others; but Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani did not expect such a confession.

The journalists of Chisme No Like sought out the former academic to talk about La Academia, since Chisme No Like has uncovered some scandals with interviews with former students, such as Toñita.

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In the heat of the interview, the journalists showed Raúl Sandoval an old news story about Daniel bisogno in which they indicated that he said that he had “eaten and had a snack” with his ex’s current partner, Fran, so he did not hold any grudge against the actress.

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It was El Arguenderito who revealed what the Ventaneando driver had supposedly said, highlighting that he was talking about Raúl Sandoval. Before the news, the actor and singer decided to talk about his relationship with El Muñe.

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Sandoval shared that they were very close friends, as he was grateful that Bisogno supported him and always spoke well of him on his shows; In addition to inviting him to meetings, but it was one of these that ended their friendship.

Raúl Sandoval indicated that at the birthday celebration of the then wife of Pedrito Sola’s partner, Daniel apparently had drunk and “grabbed the nuts.” The singer shared that at first he thought he had brushed or hit something, but the entertainment journalist would try to do it one more time and the academic found out.

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The famous commented that he left the place very annoyed and it was that day that the beautiful friendship they both had ended, since what happened he considered a true lack of respect.

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