He films himself in the gym but discovers that something terrible was happening behind his back

Despite the international mobilizations, whether in the streets or on social media, where women demand equality and respect, the truth is that many of them live terrible situations related to harassment and violence.

Some decide to keep quiet while many more prefer to raise their voices to denounce their aggressor and thus prevent other women from living what they do, with the simple intention of also being able to empower them.

That is the case of an influencer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania named Julia, who a few days ago, Through his social networks, he revealed the uncomfortable moment he lived when he realized that he was being harassed by a man while he was in the gym.

The girl was doing glute work at the gym, a routine that she was also recording with her phone as she would share it on her YouTube channel, when she realized that a man photographed her from behind.

The young woman was training when a man stood behind her, He took out his cell phone and started taking pictures; then he called a friend to apparently show them. This upset the influencer who decided to confront him and call the local staff.

In the video that she herself spread on her social networks to show the harassment she suffered, she can be seen leaning on one of the machines in front of the mirror, while a man with a handkerchief on his face, who tries to be a mask, takes out his phone and crouches down to photograph her.

“He denied taking a photo, which made me feel crazy for thinking about it. Not only did he take a photo, but he clearly showed it to his friend, “said the young woman and, in turn, said that she asked the people of the place if anyone had seen the scene, but that no one had given her an answer. .

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