Luis Iván Mejía Bonilla had supposedly died of COVID-19However, when his relatives opened his coffin, they discovered that he did not die from the virus, but was tortured, in The Savior.

“My relatives in El Salvador were told that my cousin died of bleeding from the digestive tract,” said Laura Castro, Luis’s cousin, who lives in Houston.

Last May 6th, authorities handed over the body of Luis Iván However, in the process, there were several contradictions to his relatives.

“They told my aunt that he had died of coronavirus and not to watch or open the box, but on the paper they gave them it said something else; We also believe that if they had indeed died of the coronavirus, they would not have been given it because of the way they treat the bodies of people who die from the virus, ”said Laura.

Luis Iván was imprisoned

Relatives of the victim reported that Mejía Bonilla was arrested along with 10 other people on April 28 for their alleged participation in the murder of a soldier in Santiago Nonualco, so he was in custody in Zacatecoluca, in La Paz.

They claimed that Luis Iván He was not a gang member and worked as a clown at parties or as a day laborer. They stated that they received notification that their family member would be transferred to a hospital, and then informed them of their death.

When they received the Body, they were instructed not to watch over him and bury him immediately, because he had died of COVID-19.

“My relatives followed the instructions and that same Wednesday I was going to bury him, but some knew that Luis was in good health before falling to prison and decided to open the coffin,” said his relative.

When they opened the coffin, they found Luis Iván with the handcuffs on, he also had blows to different parts of the body, his face covered in blood and his teeth “as if they had wanted to pull them out.”

Authorities respond

The La Paz police chiefÓscar Aguilar reported that Luis Iván had a fever and vomited blood, so he was transferred to the Zacatecoluca hospital, but died on the way.

“We were not told if he had a coronavirus or if there was suspicion or not,” Aguilar said.

Regarding the handcuffs, he explained that perhaps the police did not want to remove them due to health measures, due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

“We want justice for my cousin, this is a clear violation of human rights and those responsible deserve to be punished,” said Castro.

With information from Clarín