He ended up crying! Member of Hoy received a strong scolding

He ended up crying! Members of Hoy received a strong scolding | Instagram

It happened! They assure that one of the most famous members of the Hoy Program ended up in tears and the person responsible would be nothing more and nothing less than the producer of the famous morning, Andrea Rodriguez Doria.

According to the entertainment journalist, Alex Kaffie, Magda Rodríguez’s sister would have thrown a tremendous scolding at nothing more and nothing less than the beloved Lolita Courteous, all for an action during the dance contest The Stars Dance Today.

The villain of the shows assured that the producer of the morning Televisa star was upset that the one known as the iron judge gave Marisol González a high rating in the contest and this cost him a tremendous scolding.

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The wake-up call was made because Hoy’s host is not a favorite to win, which is why she shouldn’t have such good grades in her dancefloor performances.

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Apparently the famous former judge of La Academia liked the performance of the former beauty queen and her dance partner so much that she decided to give them a ten, obtaining the perfect grade.

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The tens would put Marisol at the top of the contestants, something that should not be the case, as planned. For this reason, Rodríguez Doria threw such a strong scolding at Dolores Cortés and, to say about Alex Kaffie, it was so humiliating that it caused the judge’s tears.

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It should be noted that Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy are in the final stretch, after considerable lengthening due to their enormous success. It is said that the Hoy Program went from 800 thousand viewers to 1 million 200 thousand thanks to this dance contest.

This idea, they say, saved the work of the producer, who for months had been in rumors that she could be left out of Hoy for not finding a way to raise the rating after the loss of her sister, Magda Rodríguez.

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