He ended in divorce, Chiquis Rivera reveals his mistake with Lorenzo Méndez

He ended in divorce, Chiquis Rivera reveals his mistake with Lorenzo Méndez (Instagram)

Ended in divorce, Chiquis Rivera reveals her mistake with Lorenzo Méndez | Instagram

The famous singer Chiquis Rivera has finally decided to talk about her divorce with Lorenzo Méndez and her mistake in the relationship.

Even though the daughter of Jenni Rivera He made it more than clear in the statement that announced a separation by mutual agreement that he would not talk about his separation and others, the beautiful Chiquis Rivera has begun to open her heart and talk about Lorenzo Méndez, whom she still loves.

The singer shared that her biggest mistake in the relationship was to always take care of him and she still tries to support him and find that he does the best.

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Chiquis Rivera He pointed out in an interview with Ventaneando that he always tried to take care of everything, take care of his relationship, be aware of everything and probably that was the problem in their relationship.

Maybe my mistake was wanting to take care of him [a Lorenzo], wanting to take care that he did not get into trouble or take care of our relationship, our marriage and it was too much, the famous shared.

The interpreter of Cheer up and you will see She pointed out that she wishes the best for her still husband, that she is in love and that she wishes the best for him.

I supported him, I continue to support him, I want him to do well, for people to support him, for him to do well. If this is happening right now it is because God had it in my plans and I have to learn my life lesson and move on, he added.

The beautiful Chiquis Rivera pointed out that she lived her relationship in this way because that is how God sent it, which is part of her learning and all this she had to live it. On the other hand, she pointed out that she has to be a strong woman despite being in love and with or without a partner, to get ahead with her head held high.

The famous one highlighted that her mother taught her that men are like desserts, that you have to enjoy them when things happen, but you should continue after that.

My mom always taught me, man is like a dessert in your life, so I like dessert, I want to be loved, I really want to love, but also if I have to get by without that person, without my partner, why not things happened, I can’t collapse, I have to get up.

Chiquis Rivera confessed that she is not in search of love, she is not open to him; however, it is not closed either and when it is time you will probably fall in love again.

I’m not closed to love, but I’m not open either, right now I’m super focused on myself.

The famous daughter of Jenni Rivera She was linked shortly after announcing her separation from Lorenzo Méndez with a businessman known as Mr. Tempo. Some images in which the artist is seen kissing with the businessman caused a huge stir.

Show programs were filled with these images and Lorenzo Mendez quickly reacted. The former vocalist of La Original claimed the businessman had denied that he had anything to do with Chiquis.

On the other hand, many accused Mr. Tempo of opportunist, since they say he took advantage of his departure with the singer to publicize himself because he even gave a press conference to talk about what happened with Rivera.

Chiquis Rivera, for his part, he shared on social networks that he had fallen into a trap, his followers were left wondering if he was referring to Lorenzo Méndez or Mr. Tempo.

After the uproar came the divorce. The day after the images were released, Chiquis Rivera presented the documentation to begin the process.

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As it transpired, the documents entered by the artist specified that there was a prenuptial contract that prevented one from requesting support from the other and that they had married for separate assets.

The interpreter pointed out that she was the owner of the house in which they lived and the furniture inside, which she acquired before getting married. In addition to being the owner of 3 vehicles, some jewelry and having five bank accounts.

Apparently this separation does not have major complications since the couple did not acquire real estate or have children during the time they were married, just over a year.