“He does not want to broach the subject”

Belén Esteban is going through a difficult time. After the drama of her jewels and the conflict with María José Campanario, and when everything seemed to calm down, lived a row on set with Jorge Javier Vázquez last Tuesday, February 16, of which nothing was discussed again in ‘Save me’. Since then, the collaborator He has not returned to the set of the afternoon program and neither has attended the ‘Deluxe’ editions of the weekend.

Belén Esteban in ‘Save me’

Although ‘Sálvame’ is silent on this issue, the rest of the formats do deal with it, as in the case of ‘The Ana Rosa program’, where they announced that Esteban had to go to work on Friday. However, this was not the case. « He does not want to address the issue and is respectable, » confessed Antonio Rossi, who maintains a good relationship with Paracuellos. « ‘I’m fine and I’m not going to talk about this’, is that it does not give option to more explanations « .

« I think that, like everything else, they will fix it at some point, » Rossi said. « Belén is very combative with each of the fronts that arise, but with Jorge Javier it fades« , said Joaquín Prat. » I think it is because they have affection, « answered Rossi. In the words of the journalist, Belén Esteban could have decided to take a little vacation from tv to wait for everything to relax and not fuel the conflict.

Will there be a peace summit?

After the anger that the two starred in ‘Saturday deluxe’, they held a peace summit for both to bury the hatchet, although that anger meant for Belén Esteban an important gap in their relationship. « I believe that this time there will be no summit of peace or anything. She will go back to work and there will be no staging and she will forget this, « explained Antonio Rossi.