With an inferior car, the Austrian team will hardly be able to cope with Mercedes if it does not change its philosophy. As Jolyon Palmer recently denounced, Max verstappen he is alone and Red BulHe has missed a great opportunity by ruling out signing Fernando Alonsor.

« They lost the opportunity to sign Fernando Alonso, which returns to Formula 1 next year with Renault. An Alonso-Verstappen lineup would surely have Mercedes more concerned, but Red Bull’s insistence to limit itself to its young driver program seems to be its undoing since Ricciardo left, « wrote the British pilot in his BBC column.

Along the same lines as Jolyon Palmer, and clearly aiming at Albon, Lewis hamilton recently noted: « The Red Bulls have a very, very strong car. Max is doing a great job with him. Unfortunately, both pilots ain’t up there like Valtteri Bottas and me. That makes things difficult for them. I experienced it many years ago when I was at McLaren and I was the driver who was always up front and didn’t have a teammate behind.. So you don’t get the constructors’ points either, but then you can’t use the strategy against the cars you’re up against. So they have that, Max is there alone”.

Given the evidence, and despite the fact that Alex Albon reaped his best result in Formula 1 at the Tuscan Grand Prix, third behind Hamilton and Bottas, Red Bull is now considering signing a replacement for the Thai. “Our preference is always in the talent that we develop, but if there are not too many options then of course you occasionally have to look outside”Said Chris Horner, head of the Austrian team.

Red Bull is left without Alonso or Vettel

Now Red Bull could regret having missed the opportunity to sign Fernando Alonso. « As things stand today, the return of Fernando Alonso to Formula 1 with Red Bull is absolutely impossible to imagine”Helmut Marko assured last February. “Actually, there are two reasons for my claim. First of all, there is the relationship between Alonso and Honda, which I think is quite broken, and on the other hand, everything our Formula 1 system is based on our junior program, which means that our young talents move to the top category of motorsport. If we signed Alonso, he would be the oldest driver on the entire grid. This would be contradicting our whole philosophy. However, as long as we use a Honda engine, it is impossible anyway. « 

In order not to contradict his philosophy, Red Bull has ruled out Fernando Alonso, who has signed for Renault; and also the return of Vettel, who has signed with Aston martin. Hülkenberg and Sergio perez they would be the favorites to relieve Alex Albon. According to rumors, Chris Horner may have already met with the latter.