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Miley Cyrus shared the stage with a kitten who finally stuck out her tongue just like her.

Cats like to play with everything what rolls and what may seem like a rope. So they always treasure balls, headphones and many other things that should not.

For example, this story.

There is nothing cuter than watching a young kitten, puppy, play, either alone or with other cats. The jumps, the hunting ritual. Catching their prey, even if it’s just a line, is most funny.

His games and adventures intensify at night, waking up their owners with so much activity. They play with everything you can imagine, even with what can bring us more than a displeasure.

The « mom » of this cute feline could not find the lipstick anywhere. She searched everywhere for him, until she saw her cat and understood what had happened. Her red lips gave him away, although he played crazy and tried to go unnoticed.

Facebook user Andrea Tovar He posted the fun moment he lived with his cat. Obviously, it went viral.

Looking at the cat, anyone would think it was a crime scene. That the kitten suffered an attack or that it hunted some other animal, but no. He devoured his mother’s lipstick and was discovered by his red face.

The publication received thousands and thousands of visits and comments from users, many of them also recounting their experiences with their pets.

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