“He did not do anything reprehensible, he was wrong, nothing more”

Aníbal Fernández said that the former Minister of Health is « a hero of Argentine sanitarism » Source: Archive – Credit: Enrique Villegas

Despite criticism directed at the now former Minister of Health Ginés González García for having mounted a vip vaccination at the headquarters of the portfolio he was conducting, there are political figures who supported the former official.

In that small group is the former chief of staff Aníbal Fernández, who defended González García and said that he is « a hero of Argentine sanitarism », that he is not « a man to do shady or questionable things » and added: « He did not do anything reprehensible, he was wrong, nothing more. »

In an interview for Radio Rivadavia, Fernández considered González García as « a friend of the soul » and said, regarding the decision of President Alberto Fernández to ask him to resign:«We are talking about a hero. There was a mistake, a baton, a shit, call it whatever you want, was that. Who has to solve it? President. The President resolved it, yes, in his own way. Ready, what do I have to continue discussing? Am I going to self-flagellate like several? Self-flagellating because it was done I don’t know what? It was a baton, a baton that the President of the Nation resolved. Yesterday, the first presidentappointed Carla Vizzotti as the replacement in the leadership of the Ministry.

«Ginés has been my friend for 33 years, He was my friend, he is my friend and he will continue to be my friend and admired for my person, because I have respect for him, a phenomenal affection and because he did not do anything reprehensible, he was just wrong », He considered the Peronist, who is outside the governmental structure, and added: “They threw him out because he was wrong. In any of the conditions you have to look at it with that eye: He is not a demigod, he is a man like any other, who may have made a mistake.

It was the journalist Horacio Verbistky who, on Friday, said that he had been inoculated with Sputnik V in the Buenos Aires downtown building with the image of Eva Perón, flouting the official scheme, with the authorization of González García, about whom Aníbal Fernández pointed out: «Yesterday I wrote to him, I called him and he didn’t answer the phone. I wrote what I felt, ‘I love you very much’, that’s how my message begins. For me he is still the type that I admired all my life, I still admire him, I have known him since 87, I have a unique respect for him, but the one who decides is the President. Did you decide that way? He decided that way.

The former head of the Cabinet of Cristina Kirchner said that « the President should be fair and take the same sanction with all those who had done it » and, in that sense, added: « If there are cases that would have caused this situation, the President will take action on the matter. If your hand did not tremble to make a decision in the case of Ginés … And what if Argentina has things to thank Ginés throughout its history ».

However, Aníbal Fernández left out of that group to displace the national senator Jorge Taiana and the national deputy Eduardo Valdes, who made up the list of vaccinated vip and were, therefore, excluded from the trip to Mexico tonight, to which the president will leave.

“They are two different cases because they are both presidents of the Foreign Relations Commission, they are people of at-risk age and they had to travel to Mexico. What they were told from a health point of view is to apply the vaccine, just like Felipe’s case [Solá]», Said the former Chief of Cabinet. According to what was published by Página / 12, the President was upset by the actions of the legislators, but not the chancellor, who should have clarified that he was vaccinated at the Posadas Hospital.

Fernández disagreed with the importance of the case, said that the situation is « insignificant » and asked himself: « Do we have to stop on a Sunday to analyze it? »

To reduce interference, he questioned the health policy applied during the Government of Mauricio Macri: « These guys who left let four million vaccines expire, broke the vaccination schedule, pay attention to what we’re talking about. »

In turn, he targeted the former president and member of Juntos por el Cambio. What do you want to invent? That I’m going to shut up Macri’s mouth, that they wanted to steal Correo Argentino, the Autopista del Sol, the Wind Farm and the land that the Blanco Villegas family bought and all the dirt they did with the energy companies, the judge [Gustavo] Hornos entering the Government House prior to any of the sentences, including one against me. Am I going to keep my mouth shut about all that because they sent a shit? », he asked himself.

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