He did not chastise Rihanna: Chris Brown is investigated for allegedly hitting a woman

Controversial singer Chris Brown has been accused of beating a woman whose identity has not been revealed during an argument that would have taken place at his home in Los Angeles over the past weekend.

According to the information now published by the Radar Online portal, the alleged victim called the police from the property that the artist owns in the San Fernando Valley to explain that he had slapped her on the back of the head so hard that he had managed to rip off the wig she was wearing or to dislodge tissue from her scalp, according to the LA Times.

The agents made a report of the possible assault in which Chris would be named as a suspect, although the woman did not appear to have any visible injuries. At the moment he has not commented on what happened.

This new problem with justice has occurred just two months after the authorities showed up at his door in the early morning of May 6 to put an end to a massive party after receiving a notice that loud noises were heard coming from the interior of the house.

Chris was celebrating his birthday with an unknown number of guests, although the Los Angeles Police Department estimated there were between 300 and 500 cars. parked nearby, and all those present cooperated with the officers when they were informed that they had to go home.

It should be remembered that the singer already experienced a similar scandal of violence against women when he also beat Rihanna, in 2009. She forgave him in 2012 and that was when they resumed their romance, which ended months later.

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