The Mexican actress caused controversy by saying that “there is no virus as such” and that scientists “attack humanity”

Paty Navidad involved in controversy over her statements about the coronavirus


Paty christmas He does not stop continuing to generate noise with his controversial publications on Twitter. This time he said that this kind of “virus” it was actually created long ago, but in the form of “Brain pump” and what was it for “Kill the brains of thousands of soldiers at once”. He also added that now they are making a much more powerful pump.

This would not be the first time that Paty causes a stir in the networks. Before he went on to say that COVID-19 only affects people “With low energy” and what is a virus “mental”.

For the Mexican, all this pandemic is the interest of people “Powerful” how Bill gates to generate fear and control the population. The actress of “The ugliest beauty” He insists that these people only want to destabilize the world economically and that laboratories and pharmaceutical companies will earn millions through vaccines and treatments.

Let’s remember that, just a few weeks ago, the magazine TV Notes spoke with a friend close to the family of Paty and assured that the artist’s relatives are very concerned about his mental health. In addition, he added that the sister of Paty begged him to please see a psychiatrist, to which Paty She replied feeling very offended.

The truth is that, for Patricia Christmas, the coronavirus is not a real disease, much less has an animal origin. She is even convinced that the World Health Organization wants “Implement chips in people to make a world order”. What it implies, that Paty It will continue to express its opinion and generate controversy regarding the current global pandemic.